I keep seeing weird fanarts of Slaine up on my dash, was kind of hoping that would go down after that season finale.

But I guess the white-haired anime boy will always have the adoring fans.


Takako Shimura’s character designs are included in Aldnoah Zero’s BD1 booklet. Let’s hope for scans~


Ugh, my push-ups have deteriorated.

I went back to college and got out of shape, gotta get back to regular work-out stat.

Still wondering about the little prayer the girl did before her violin performance. “Elohim” is a Hebrew word that can be either singular “God” or plural “gods”

No idea what “essaim” means, can’t find anything when I search it.


"For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the Earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, then in my flesh I will see God. I, myself, will see him, with my own eyes. I and not another. How my heard yearns within me!"-Job 19:25-27

Well, I was wrong about Lie in April. Stuff does explode.

Because she freaking tears shit up when she plays that violin.

lol the judge is super pissed because of that unorthodox playing style

chill out dude. the other judges are having to physically restrain him from murdering her


Wow she rocked that Beethoven so hard

Ugh, the judges are shitting all over that guy

This show got really personal really fast