Aw man, Ward.

Everyone’s cooler after they turn evil. Or turn out to have been evil the entire time, whatever works.

Finally caught up on Agents of SHIELD.

This is what I wanted. Man, Winter Soldier makes everything better.

How to write a Spider-man esque character when I remember next to nothing about Spider-man….

And to come up with a cool hero name for him.

Diggle, reminding everyone why he’s awesome.

Haha Slade, you troll you

Detective Lance might just be surpassing James Gordon as the most awesome policeman sidekick ever.

And now Laurel’s being cool, let’s hope this ball doesn’t get dropped.

Man, these villains really need to work on their motivations, because they kind of suck.

Calculating, assassination-planning Oliver is awesome.

Haha Felicity, no romance for u

Slade: takes out team Arrow in ten seconds, gets jobbed by two STAR labs temps.